Modern modular helmets toe the line between optimum comfort and comprehensive protection. The flip-up chin bar helps maintain excellent airflow when disengaged but rivals full-face helmets when locked into place. However, French brand Veldt takes the modular approach in a new direction with its Mark 1 helmet collection. The stylish lid may not come with all the hinged chin bar of its contemporary counterparts, but it certainly offers a versatile package for retro riders.

The four-in-one Mark 1 platform starts out as a three-quarters helmet. Scoot and cruiser riders may prefer the helmet in this iteration, but a full-length visor add-on also provides some much-needed wind protection. If users frequently venture off-road, a sun peak shades the rider’s eyes and a fixed chin bar increases coverage for enduro applications. Those looking for a café racer aesthetic are in luck too. By attaching Veldt’s chin bar and full visor, the Mark 1 morphs into a full-face helmet.

Veldt Mark 1 Helmet - Trico Blue, Three-quarters
Veldt Mark 1 Helmet - Trico Blue, Full-face

Regardless of the configuration, the Mark 1 meets both ECE and DOT standards. The carbon fiber laminate shell comes in three sizes, which span the XS to 3XL size range. Veldt also provides cheek and head pads of various thicknesses so users can adapt the helmet’s accommodation to meet their preferences. A double D-ring fastener maintains the lid’s classic look and feel while the Pinlock-ready visor contemporizes the Mark 1.

Gallery: Veldt Mark 1 Helmet

Titanium fasteners for the chin bar and peak keep the weight down, with the carbon fiber helmet checking in at only 2.8 pounds. For 2021, Veldt offers 18 distinct colors and designs, but rugged individuals can use the brand’s 3D configurator for a truly bespoke experience. The standard Mark 1 options range from $510 to $1,010, and custom variations could easily surmount those totals. Like today’s modular helmets, Veldt’s Mark 1 is versatile, but it matches that versatility with unparalleled style.

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