Stylish, affordable, safe—what more could you ask for?

If there's one thing that is never going out of style, it’s the whole retro aesthetic thing that's been all the rage these days. When all these modern-day interpretations of café racers and retro-styled motorcycles began popping up into the scene, bikes began rolling off showroom floors left and right. There’s just something about the vintage 1960s aesthetic that struck a chord with motorcycle fans all over the world.

Dexter Releases Affordable Tannen Retro-Style Helmet

Naturally, a huge part of sporting the whole retro aesthetic involves mixing and matching your gear with your bike. I mean, let’s not deny it, we motorcyclists are a vain, image conscious bunch—and it’s certainly lots of fun getting your gear to match your bike, no matter what type of bike you’re into. These days, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to gear and accessories, and obtaining stylish, and most of all safe riding gear is more affordable than ever.

In France, popular motorcycle gear and apparel manufacturer Motoblouz offers a range of helmets under the Dexter branding. The latest of which, the Tannen, is a stylish retro-styled piece that’s sure to catch the fancy of riders ranging from café racer enthusiasts to scooterists and Vespisti. The price? A bargain 169.90 Euros. Before you think this helmet is a cheap knockoff that’ll hardly protect your noggin in the event of a tip over, think again.

Dexter Releases Affordable Tannen Retro-Style Helmet

The Dexter Tannen is constructed from a fiberglass shell and features dual density EPS liner. Fiberglass shells are known for being better at noise cancellation than their polycarbonate counterparts. Plus, their lighter weight and overall smaller shell sizing makes for a cool bonus, too. The Tannen, as it’s currently on offer in the European market, carries with it an ECE safety certification.

The Dexter Tannen boasts a level of refinement that’s way above its price bracket. Apart from the classic 1970s-inspired shape, it gets a classy suede interior and a stitched leather neckroll. It features adequate ventilation, too. Consisting of four air inlets and four rear extractors, you’re sure to keep a cool head, even on the hottest of summer rides. Lastly, the Tannen’s polycarbonate visor is coated with an anti-UV and anti-scratch solution, and is finished off with machined metal plates, to give it a premium, retro feel.

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