Perhaps a decade ago, the notion of a small-bore cruiser was unheard of. Cruisers, as the name suggests, are meant for cruising the open road at highway speeds in style and comfort. This seems like a job that a sub 400cc motor just couldn't handle. Hence most classic American cruisers touting large capacity V-twins measured in cubic inches rather than the now-industry standard cc's. 

If one thing's certain, though, that's definitely change. The cruiser landscape is no exception. These days, small-capacity cruisers are all the rage—particularly in Asia—where the premium motorcycle scene has seen significant growth in recent years. In China, in particular, several new and well-known manufacturers have begun unveiling their own 300cc cruisers with the likes of Honda and its CM300, the Benda Jinjila 300, and Qingqi's KR GV 300. We're also aware that Benelli's parent company and Harley-Davidson's Chinese partner, QJ Motor, will soon be releasing a 300cc cruiser of its own. 

Chinese Motorcycle Manufacturer Haojue Unveils New 300cc Cruiser

Another Chinese motorcycle manufacturer that's new to the cruiser game is Haojue. You may or may not have heard this name before, but if it sounds familiar, that's because Haojue is Suzuki's partner in the Chinese market, and is responsible for developing the GSX-S300 platform. Jumping off of this versatile naked platform, Haojue has decided to turn it into a cruiser, which it's calling the TR300. Now, the TR300 is unlike the previously mentioned 300cc scooters in a sense that it's the most entry-level and barebones bike in its class.

It will more than likely share the same 298cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin motor as the GSX-S300. Rated at around 30 ponies, the TR300 certainly won't light up the rear tire at launch. Neither will it pop wheelies like those bagger bros you see on YouTube. It will, however, have enough grunt to comfortably cruise the highway. It will most likely be more at home cruising city streets, though.

It's clear to see that the Haojue TR300 sports some pretty basic and rudimentary componentry. That said, when Haojue officially launches it in the Chinese market, expect it to command quite an affordable price tag. If the bike sees considerable success in the Chinese market, who knows? Maybe we could see it wearing a Suzuki badge in the not too distant future. 


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