Gear manufacturers are constantly looking for that perfect balance between style and safety. Oftentimes, even the best intentions result in equipment that goes to one extreme or the other—either fashion-forward and light on protection, or safe and gaudy. IXON's Mikki women’s motorcycle jeans, however, are pretty close to hitting that sweet spot between form and function. 

The first of three important features of the Mikki is the fact that these are women’s jeans. While there’s a men’s version called the Mike, the Mikki is made for a woman’s figure with preformed legs and the kind of fit and comfort that’s suited for a woman’s body while riding a motorcycle. 


The second feature of note is the Mikki’s single-layer construction. There’s no inner Kevlar or similar aramid liner; instead, IXON uses a denim from fabric maker Cordura with a special nylon fiber interwoven. This gives the jeans an authentic denim look and feel, plus abrasion resistance. There’s also spandex here for some flexibility. See what I was saying about that balance between style and safety? Well, there’s more. 

The last of the Mikki’s notable features is how you access the removable knee pads: from the outside! This is something IXON has done with other pants in its current lineup, and it’s a pretty solid idea. Accessing knee armor from the inside of your pants is at minimum an annoying process, and in some situations, it can be downright stressful—and, putting them back in can be even worse! With the Mikki, you just zip open a pocket hidden along the seam and yank out the pads until you’re ready to ride again. Knee and hip protectors are CE certified, while the position of the knee pads is adjustable. 


The IXON Mikki jeans are PPE certified, come in a slim-fit, five-pocket design, and are available in five colors in sizes from XS-3XL. Starting price is 159.99 Euros (about 195 bucks US).

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