TVS Srichakra is a member of the TVS group of companies which specializes in the development and production of tires for motorcycles and scooters. The Indian tire manufacturer has recently announced that it has launched an all-new lineup of tires designed specifically for the . Going by the brand name Eurogrip, the company seeks to make its presence felt by starting with the scooter segment.

Dubbed the Eurogrip Bee Connect, this entry-level scooter tire comes in more than forty sizes, making it suitable for nearly all scooters in the market. Expected to begin rolling into stores in the coming months, the Eurogrip Bee Connect tire incorporates puncture-resistant properties into its design. TVS Srichakra also states that this tire has undergone intensive testing in Europe, being exposed to all sorts of road conditions, weather, and even seeing some testing on the race track.

The Eurogrip Bee Connect tire was developed by TVS Srichakra’s Product Design & Development center situated in Milan, Italy. It is the first tire to be produced under the Eurogrip name. Marketing Manager, Andrea Milella explains the company’s inspiration for naming the Bee Connect tire stating, “Bees are known to be very hard working, always on the move and are seen as guardians against pollution – a good representation of scooter riders who continuously move, connecting with people, places and activities.”

While the Bee Connect is currently the first and only tire in production under the Eurogrip brand, the company promises to roll out an extensive repertoire of tires suited for multiple applications, catering to motorcycles of all sizes. Capitalizing on its Product Design & Development center in Italy, the company is expected to produce knobby off-road specific tires, as well as a whole lineup of street tires for midsize to high-capacity machines. All these will begin rolling into the market in the coming months.

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