When it comes to urban personal mobility, ease-of-use and lightness are key. With tight city streets, busy business districts, and crowded shopping areas, it just makes sense to opt for a lightweight electric scooter to be able to go in and out as quickly and as efficiently as possible. It's no surprise that electric scooters and e-bikes have become rather popular in Europe and Asia, with numerous new players popping up left and right. 

While there is a variety of options for different types of riders, budgets, and lifestyles, the common denominator when it comes to lightweight electric two-wheelers is practical personal mobility. Such is the case with the new MoovWay foldable electric moped which has recently been launched in France at an extremely affordable price tag. This practical and affordable electric moped is being made super accessible by French retail outfit CarreFour, which sells everything from groceries to appliances. Pegged at an introductory price of just €200, the MoovWay is sure to be a hit among those looking for the bare minimum sit-down electric scooter. 

The MoovWay Is A Utilitarian Folding Electric Moped

At a glance, this tiny electric moped may look like a rinky dinky toy. However, for the price, it offers quite a bit of value. It comes equipped with a 216 wH battery which juices up a 360 w electric motor. This gives the tiny moped a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour, and a claimed range in the ballpark of 15 kilometers. While these performance figures are rather unimpressive, take note that this moped is being sold for just €200, or the equivalent of $240 USD. There is, however, one major caveat which could very well be this cheap electric two-wheeler's Achilles heel. 

Given the MoovWay's lack of pedals, it doesn't fall under the electric-assisted bicycle segment, and is too underpowered to be a considered bonafide moped. As such, things can get a little bit confusing. In order to use the MoovWay on public roads, the owner will need to have it registered and insured. On top of this, it can only be operated with a licensed user wearing a proper motorcycle helmet. Otherwise, the MoovWay can only be used in private roads, defeating the purpose of its affordable and practical nature. 

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