Things are really picking up speed for Indian mobility company Ola Electric. In April, 2021, the company announced that it would be building a 100,000-strong Hypercharger Network across India. It seemed like the ink had barely dried on that bombshell before Ola also announced on May 3 its plans to go global with its electric scooters by 2022. 

Now, to be fair, anyone who’s ever worked anywhere knows that internal company discussions are going on all the time behind closed doors. The contents may or may not ever make it out to the public, and if they do, there’s usually some careful thought about good timing behind it. So, the May 4, 2021, announcement that Ola Electric hired experienced, well-respected automotive designer Wayne Burgess to be its Head of Vehicle Design probably has something to do with the company’s global rollout intentions. 

Even if you don’t know Burgess’ name, you know his work. Most recently, he spent nearly 20 years at Jaguar Land Rover, where he worked on vehicles including the F-Type, XF, F-Pace, and XE. Prior to that, he had a hand in designing the Bentley Arnage, as well as the Aston Martin DB9 and Vantage.  

“I am looking forward to my work at Ola Electric and to the opportunity to lead a team that will work on designing cutting-edge electric vehicles for the world. I am thrilled to be part of Ola as it accelerates on its path to become a leader in global EV solutions,” Burgess said in a statement. 

“Wayne is a fantastic addition to our leadership team and will bring global appeal and design aesthetic to our industry changing electric vehicles,” Ola chairman and group CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said in a statement.  

“As the world moves to EVs, the vehicle form factors will be fundamentally reimagined.  Wayne’s expertise in designing some of the most legendary vehicles will also be helpful in bringing these new form factors to consumers. I look forward to collaborating with him to build the most iconic range of EVs in the world,” he concluded. 

It’s worth remembering here that while Ola based its first scooter on the Etergo AppScooter, it was never the company’s intention to stop there. Beyond making additional electric two-wheelers in the future, it also has grand designs on four-wheeled electrics, as well. It’s clear from this announcement that Ola wants to be taken seriously. Now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the company cooks up after putting all these puzzle pieces in place.  

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