Lightweight, agile, and efficient commuter scooters are the kings of the road in most Southeast Asian countries. With congested city streets, densely populated urban areas, and the increased need for personal mobility, scooter and lightweight motorcycle sales in the region have gone through the roof. Thanks to the increased popularity of scooters, most manufacturers have begun trickling down the tech features found on their bigger bikes. 

Just a couple of years ago, finding features such as ABS and even smartphone connectivity on a scooter was virtually unheard of. These days, features like these are becoming ubiquitous, even among entry-level machines. Such is the case with Yamaha's newest scooter in the Asian market, the NVX. Launched in Malaysia under the NVX name, as well as the Philippines the Aerox, this bike comes equipped with a peppy engine and nifty tech features making it a very strong contender in the premium commuter segment.

The Yamaha NVX Is A Sleek Commuter Scooter

Starting with the engine, Yamaha has equipped the NVX with its popular 155cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder mill. This tiny little engine comes with Yamaha's Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology, which maximizes efficiency at low RPMs, and boosts power at high RPMs by adjusting valve timing. Thanks to this feature, it pumps out an energetic 15 horsepower—more than enough to have a blast commuting around town, or even going on a spirited ride up the mountains. 

To make things even better, Yamaha has included a sophisticated IOT feature into the new NVX. It enables the rider to connect to the scooter via the Yamaha Y-Connect app. Through this application, the rider is able to monitor all the vital information of the scooter in real time, as well as set service reminders, view overall vehicle health check results, as well as identify the scooter's last known location. The smartphone integration system even includes built in alerts which will be displayed on the scooter's instrument panel whenever you receive new SMS messages and calls.

The new Yamaha NVX has been priced at RM 8,998 or $2,185 USD for the base model, and RM 10,998, or around $2,671 USD for the ABS version. While the introduction of this model to the European and U.S. market is unlikely, this scooter will definitely prove to be a popular option in the Asian market. 

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