The future of motorcycles and transportation in general is considered by many to lie in electrification. While the likes of Ducati and Porsche are investing heavily on synthetic fuels as a means for achieving carbon neutrality, most manufacturers are pinning their hopes on electric motors. While the battle between the sustainability of synthetic fuels versus electrification is a whole different story, developments in the EV sphere are undeniable.

Chinese automotive company, Lifan, is seeking to reinvent itself in the EV sphere. A report published by China Motor World states that the company is investing heavily in intelligent electric two-wheelers. Lifan, which is known for producing what some would consider as knock-off copies of more popular bikes, may just have something going for itself given the company's thrust towards greener personal mobility. 

Apart from producing built bikes and budget-friendly cars, Lifan is also a major supplier of engines and other equipment to major manufacturers around the world. Interestingly, Lifan supplied 854,700 motorcycle engines to various OEMs in 2020, nearly 50-percent more than the number of complete bikes the company sold in the same year. Now, while Lifan will undoubtedly continue rolling out motorcycles and motorcycle engines for the foreseeable future, the company is also planning to launch an entire fleet of electric two-wheelers later this year. 

For 2021, Lifan plans to roll out two new electric scooters equipped with lithium-ion batteries and a host of techie features. While the details of the new electric scooters have yet to be officially revealed, we do know that on top of this, the company is investing heavily in high-power electric powertrains in partnership with other high-end brands in the industry. In fact, Lifan is reportedly working on a motorcycle central control system, as the development of in-house batteries, motors, and controllers. 

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