Yatri Motorcycles, a Nepal-based electric motorcycle startup, has been hard at work in developing practical, stylish, and capable electric motorcycles. A few weeks ago, they shared the production-ready version of their first electric motorcycle in the form of the Project Zero. This time around, the company has revealed images of their second motorcycle, the Project One. 

In a report published by The PACK, Yatri is developing this electric motorcycle to be able to tackle Nepal's harsh roads. As such, the company has built it around a dual-sport platform, and styled it such that it retains a sleek and slender appearance, just like that of its bigger sibling, the Project Zero. Judging from the images alone, it's clear to see that the Project One draws inspiration from the styling of supermoto race bikes, and even some trials bikes. The company states that the Project One will be designed to be as lightweight and agile as possible for an electric motorcycle. 

Yatri Motorcycles Unveils Project One Concept

While the Yatri Project One is still a ways away from being a reality, the company is working hard to revolutionize personal urban mobility in Nepal. Designed to be more accessible in terms of performance and price as compared to the Project Zero, the we will likely see the Project One traversing the urban towns and cities of Nepal when it finally launches. It would be awesome to see Yatri release an off-road specific version of the project one, complete with a larger front wheel and knobby dual sport tires.

At the moment, Yatri has yet to release the technical specifications of the Project One. However, we can expect the bike to be slightly less powerful and more affordable than the Project Zero. For reference, Yatri has fitted the Project Zero with a punchy 48 kW electric motor rated for 64 horsepower, and a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour. That said, we can probably expect the Project One to be capable of hitting a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour, and sporting a similar brushless electric motor. 

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