The Suzuki Hayabusa has long been what many Indian motorcycle enthusiasts' dreams are made of. Ever since making its debut more than two decades ago, the Hayabusa was always synonymous with performance and top speed. Even if team green had long since taken the crown away from Suzuki with ZX-14R back then, now, even more so with the Ninja H2, people still gravitated towards the Hayabusa thanks to its sheer legend status. 

With the launch of the brand new Hayabusa in the global market earlier this year, it would appear that Suzuki was no longer vying to hold the title of fastest production sportbike. As it would turn out, the new generation Hayabusa was down a few ponies when compared to its predecessor. However, what the 'Busa lost in terms of sheer horsepower, it more than made up for in terms of tech and refinement. The new Suzuki Hayabusa is finally equipped with a six-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) which governs a whole suite of sophisticated electronic rider aids. All these features could now be configured via the bike's techie full-color TFT screen.

2022 Suzuki Hayabusa Web Edition

Now, despite losing a few horses in the makeover, the Hayabusa's power plant is nothing short of impressive. It gets a massive 1,340cc inline-four cylinder engine which boasts Euro 5 and BS6-compliance. Pumping out an exhilarating 187 horsepower, it transfers all this power to a thick 200-cross-section rear tire via a six-speed manual transmission. To make things even faster, the 'Busa comes equipped with a bidirectional quickshifter, launch control, and wheelie control out of the factory. 

As mentioned earlier, many motorcycle enthusiasts dream of owning the Suzuki Hayabusa. In fact, many custom builds in India have attempted to transform ordinary commuter bikes into replicas of the iconic Japanese Peregrine Falcon. Well, I'm glad to tell you that the Suzuki Hayabusa is now well and truly available in the Indian market. Unfortunately however, this legendary superbike will only be within reach of a very small number of motorcyclists thanks to its astronomical Rs. 16.40 lakh price tag, or the equivalent of $22,000 USD. 

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