Perhaps one of the reasons why naked bikes have become so popular these days is the fact that they're pretty much a blank canvas for motorcyclists to tweak and modify depending on their specific needs and preferences. We've seen bikes like the Yamaha MT-07 transformed into full-fledged race bikes, sick off-road specific builds, and practical long-distance tourers. 

In India, the Mahindra Mojo is a very popular choice among enthusiasts and commuters thanks to its unique styling, impressive performance, and extensive aftermarket support. Just like other naked bikes found in the international market, the Mojo can be outfitted with loads of accessories to make it suit a certain rider's preferences. In this case, aftermarket accessory manufacturer Autologue Design has released a rather impressive ADV kit designed specifically for the Mahindra Mojo, called the Xplorer. 

Autologue Design Launches ADV Kit For Mahindra Mojo

Established in 2013, Autologue Design has produced some amazing body kits for all sorts of motorcycles. The company has released bolt-on kits for the likes of the Bajaj Dominar 400, Royal Enfield Continental GT 650, and Royal Enfield Himalayan, to name a few. One thing these kits have in common is the extensive R&D that goes into them, as well as the unique styling they offer, which gives the bike an all new look and feel. In the case of the Mahindra Mojo, the bolt-on Xplorer kit makes it look like it rolled off the factory this way.

The pointy front end, muscular side fairings, and tall windscreen make the Mojo look like its ready to tackle some gnarly terrain. The kit also includes a redesigned fuel tank which matches the restyled fairings and windscreen. Boasting overall larger proportions than the stock parts it replaces, this body kit makes it easy to mistake the Mojo as a much larger, higher capacity adventure touring machine. To top it all off, Autologue Design states that the entire Xplorer kit for the Mahindra Mojo has undergone extensive R&D, and has even been aero tested. 

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