More air, more power, more flow.

If you’re looking to help your BMW R 18 breathe a little better, then you may want to know about the new air filter from DNA. We could all use a little fresh air from time to time, your R 18 included, so let’s take a look. 

The DNA Stage 2 air filter kit for 2020 and 2021 BMW R 18s offers a much-increased surface area, which you can see simply by looking at it. Your eyes don’t do the breathing, though. That’s why DNA also offers a data sheet claiming an impressive 44.87 percent increased airflow efficiency over the stock BMW paper air filter. That’s a pretty impressive number, if true. 

Of course, with great airflow, you also want great filtering ability. DNA’s Stage 2 filter uses four layers of cotton, and the company says it offers 98 to 99 percent efficiency as measured by the ISO 5011 air filtering protocol. 

DNA Stage 2 Air Filter Kit for BMW R 18 - Mounted
DNA Stage 2 Air Filter Kit for BMW R 18 - Airflow

So, how do you have both increased airflow and enhanced filtration? Easy, the DNA Stage 2 filter kit eliminates the plastic OEM intake box completely. In its place, the kit comes with a bracket that securely mounts the DNA Stage 2 filter exactly where it needs to go, with no restrictive plastic OEM bits necessary. All you’re left with is all those nice, breathable cotton pleats, out in the open air and helping your R 18 breathe a whole lot better than before.  

DNA’s Stage 2 BMW R 18 filter is washable and reusable, like many other cloth filters. It’s also a simple drop-in installation, as long as you follow the instructions included with the kit. These filters also come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Online retailer Moto-D distributes DNA products, and currently lists this filter as being “on order: ships in two weeks or less” at a cost of $139.99 with free shipping in the continental U.S.


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