The Lion Cub meets the Bengal Tiger.

Benelli has been hard at work in boosting its presence in the global motorcycle game. With new models rolling out left and right, and a whole new impressive fleet of motorcycles in the pipeline, it's pretty safe to say that this once-ignored motorcycle manufacturer could very soon be sitting at the big boys' table. Benelli's recent success is, in large part, thanks to its Chinese owner, Qianjiang, also known as QJ Motor. 

As it would turn out, the Chinese motorcycle giant is also in an ongoing partnership with Harley-Davidson, and is the company behind the upcoming 300cc cruiser for the Asian market, the QJ Motor SRV300. That being said, QJ Motor certainly knows a thing or two about making good looking motorcycles with decent overall performance which are incredibly affordable to buy and maintain. In the Indian market, Benelli seemed to have lost its rhythm last year, when it was late to the BS6 game. However, this year, things seem to be turning to the Chinese-owned Italian company. 

2021 Benelli TRK 502 X - Anthracite

Benelli has recently opened its 41st dealership in India. Situated in Howrah, West Bengal, Benelli's complete BS6 range is now available. Would-be Benelli owners can choose between the entry-level Imperiale 400, a standard cruiser-style motorcycle with a docile air-cooled, 400cc single-cylinder motor. Moving up the model range, the Leoncino 500, or the famed Lion Cub is also available as a solid intermediate option with its 500cc parallel-twin and classic styling. The adventure-minded rider also has the option of picking up either the TRK 502 or the more capable TRK 502 X, complete with spoked wheels and long travel suspension.

Bookings for Benelli's BS6 range have already commenced in the Howrah dealership, and can be done so by either visiting the dealership, or online. The Imperiale 400 has a booking price of Rs 6,000, or the equivalent of $80 USD, while the Leoncino and TRK can be booked for Rs 10,000, or the sum of $134 USD. The new showroom is located at Mouza-Mirzapur, and is managed by the Speed Automobiles group of dealerships. 

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