Finding the right dual-sport tires can be quite tricky, especially if you're one who rides their motorcycle all the way from home to the trails, and back again. Unlike off-road-only tires, dual-sport tires need to offer maximum levels of grip on both tarmac and off-road riding conditions. In order to ensure this, these tires need to pass DOT certification. Luckily, Dunlop has launched a new street-legal off-road tire geared towards trials riders. 

Interestingly, apart from being used solely in trials, trials tires are also popular among dual-sport enthusiasts who are looking for maximum traction in various off-road conditions. Featuring symmetrical knobs which are smaller, and more tightly packed than those of full-on motocross tires, trials tires offer the optimum balance of traction and efficiency, especially in hard-packed single tracks, and challenging off-road sections littered with roots and rocks. 

The new Dunlop K950 trials tire is a DOT-approved, street-legal, off-road tire which delivers optimum off-road performance, while providing added durability and longevity for on-road use. It features bias-ply construction, as well as an even tread pattern. Dunlop states that this tire is designed to tackle hard-packed, rocky terrain in both wet and dry weather conditions. On top of this, Dunlop has made use of more hard-wearing compounds which provide longer wear than traditional knobby tires for street use. The same compounds are responsible for improved grip and bump absorption in off-road conditions. 

The new Dunlop K950 trials tire comes in a 4.00-18 size, and is part of Dunlop's premium D803GP competition-spec off-road tire. Apart from off-road specific motorcycles, the dual-sport and trials tires are often favored by custom bike builders looking to give their builds a more rugged appearance, as well as improved off-road capabilities. That said, we could also be seeing the new Dunlop K950 on custom scrambler or even flat-tracker builds. 

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