You know, as you do.

So, how did you spend your year-plus of coronavirus lockdown? If you’re Allen Millyard, you’ve been steadily creating a detailed YouTube playlist explaining how you did All the Things™ to make your stunningly gorgeous Kawasaki Z1 Super Six come to life.  

While everyone’s favorite mad shed-building uncle is usually breaking down all the technical intricacies of adding extra cylinders onto unassuming stock engines, this video is different. This time, folks, you get to spend the majority of your time hearing that full-throated sound of the Z1 Super Six as Millyard rides it up to the highest point in southern England.  

There’s road riding, of course—and then he takes it off-road, to do some light trail riding. He’s not doing trials or anything. Nevertheless, both Millyard and the Z1 Super Six acquit themselves quite impressively in the grass, dirt, and gravel. While ground clearance could definitely be an issue, it makes you wonder what he’d do if he had different tires on the thing.  

In any case, I’m afraid I have to stop you right here, folks. If you’re going to watch this video, please make sure you’re not cranking it through tinny computer speakers. Use headphones, or watch it on your TV, or do something so you get the full auditory experience. The Z1 Super Six is a full-throated joy to hear, and since that’s probably the closest most of us will get to experiencing it, you might as well go all in and enjoy it.  

Afterward, if you haven’t watched all 16 of the other videos that preceded it in Millyard’s Z1 Super Six journey, you can catch yourself up by watching the complete playlist. There’s at least one more amusing surprise hidden in this video that I won’t spoil for you, because it’s more fun if you witness it for yourself. Enjoy!  

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