Low and slow is the name of the game.

Royal Enfields have become among the favorite choices of custom bike builders when it comes to the platforms for custom builds. Out of the box, Royal Enfield's motorcycles already look pretty gorgeous thanks to their simplicity and retro flair. Perhaps this is where Royal Enfield's appeal rests the most—whether you're one who keeps things stock, or customizes to the ends of the earth, there's an Enfield for you. 

It's no surprise that no matter which corner of the globe you look, you're bound to find a stunning custom build out of a Royal Enfield. This is exactly the case with this custom lowrider which started life as a Royal Enfield Classic 350. Built by xLnc Customs in India, this badass, low-slung cruiser no longer bears any similarities with the bike it once was. In fact, it's hard to even tell that this bike was once a standard Classic 350. 

This Royal Enfield Has Been Transformed Into A Badass Lowrider

Looking at the overall design of this rad custom, it's clear to see that this bike draws inspiration from the custom lowriders from Harley-Davidson, Indian, and the now-defunct Victory Motorcycles. Employing an all-black color scheme, this custom cruiser has been redesigned from head to tail. For starters, the stock wire-spoke wheels have been replaced with alloy wheels wrapped in meaty tires. The suspension has also been revised to give the bike a lower ride height, while a custom tank, seat, and tail section has been fabricated to fit the overall styling. 

To give the bike a more low-slung appearance, the folks at xLnc Customs extended the Royal Enfield's swing arm, and redesigned the rear suspension. To top things all off, a round LED headlight, as well as a slew of other bolt-on accessories made the bike both functional and stylish. The Royal Enfield 350cc single-cylinder engine was left untouched for the most part, save for a custom exhaust which features blacked out headers, and a stainless-steel tip. 

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