Naca crafts retro-styled helmets utilizing advanced materials. Custom shop Blitz specializes in vintage builds with a scrambler slant. What happens when both French brands collaborate on a premium lid? The result is the Naca X Blitz, a full-face helmet that fuses classic form with modern function.

Naca employs a unique production process with its standard full-face helmet. Combining prepreg carbon fiber and a Nomex honeycomb structure, the model’s weight drops to 2.16 pounds without sacrificing protection. The flagship lid still meets ECE 22-05 safety standards and looks sharp thanks to the neo-retro aesthetics.

While Naca keeps the styling simple and elegant, it developed the helmet’s aerodynamic shape in a wind tunnel. That dedication delivers a shell that optimizes air penetration and ventilation. Six square inlets at the chin bar and an inconspicuous channel at the crown provide ample airflow. Three vertically-stacked exhaust vents at the rear keep things cool in the leather-lined interior.

Gallery: Naca X Blitz Full-Face Helmet

The black base and fluorescent green accents continue the modern/retro classic theme. Blitz script graces the right side of the lid and the brand’s lightning bolt logo adorns the opposite side. A fluo green pinstripe divides the helmet at the chin bar while Naca branding is front and center at the brow. A dark visor comes standard and an included clear visor preserves visibility on night rides.

All that style and protection isn’t cheap though, as the Naca X Blitz helmet retails for €1,100 ($1,333.96 USD). The full-face helmet is manufactured in France and the brand anticipates a four to six-week period before customers receive their unit. The price might be steep and the wait times might be long, but it's hard to find a motorcycle helmet that rival’s Naca’s style and protection.

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