All motorcyclists want a long-lasting tire with loads of grip. Dual-compound hoops address this conundrum with the best available technology, but different wear rates can result in undesired tire shapes. What if we said that a tire manufacturer could increase longevity and preserve road-holding properties? Too good to be true, right? Well, Bridgestone reports that its new Techsyn project will deliver all those benefits in an eco-friendly tire.

In collaboration with synthetic rubber manufacturer Arlanxeo and leading Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS) producer Solvay, Bridgestone reports that the Techsyn family of tires will deliver “outstanding performance with no trade-offs”. The process will chemically fuse synthetic rubber with specially-formulated silica. That alchemy will result in a tire that’s 30 percent more wear-resistant, six percent less roll-resistant, and doesn’t sacrifice grip in dry or wet conditions.

By reducing material loss, Bridgestone concludes that Techsyn products will cut down fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Though the Japanese brand conducted the studies against its summer tire options, Techsyn’s unique production model could yield a highly versatile product range. For instance, by tweaking the recipe of Arlanxeo’s novel tire polymers and Solvay’s silica formula, Techsyn could also develop a tire with enhanced wet grip.

“At Bridgestone, we are convinced that breakthrough innovations and the future of mobility inevitably require collaboration,” said Bridgestone EMIA CEO Laurent Dartoux. “The partnership in which Techsyn is part has evolved to become one of the most original initiatives in which we have participated to date.”

While the Techsyn project hasn’t gone to market yet, we’re excited to see if and how the technology is applied to motorcycle tires. Bridgestone also hints that it could integrate lightweight Enliten technology to further reduce tire weight while maintaining performance. Now, that’s a motorcyclist’s dream tire. Of course, until the rubber meets the road, this is all theoretical. However, we’re excited for a potential tire that’s long-lasting, grips in all conditions, and still remains eco-friendly.

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