Light on gas, heavy on style.

As a small motorcycle fan, I often bellyache about the lack of 125cc options in the States. British brand Keeway (makes? Sells? Sends via steamship?) learner legal bikes, scooters, and mopeds—an entire range that’s a testament to how much fun small motorcycles can be. A prime example is the K-Light 125 which the company just updated the little cruiser to meet Euro5 emissions standards.

In order to meet the new regulations, the Lancashire-based brand refined the K-Light's four-valve, air-cooled single. The 2021 edition now sports 10.6 horsepower and 6.6 lb-ft of torque. However, the four-stroke's forte isn’t power, it’s ease of maintenance and range. The little mill only consumes 2.5 liters of fuel per 100 km (.6 gallons per 62 miles) and sips from a 3.1-gallon tank.

Gallery: 2021 Keeway K-Light 125

Thanks to the updated engine, Keeway also touts the bike’s newfound fluidity and agility. The 17-inch front wheel and 15-inch rear wheel should also receive credit for that agility while the combined braking system brings the 317-pound cruiser to a halt. The front features a 280 mm disc and the rear dons a 240 mm rotor.

On the design front, the K-Light aligns with its cruiser forefathers with a teardrop gas tank and round headlight. The circular instrument cluster and taillight maintain the motif but other elements like the side covers and exhaust look thoroughly modern. The aesthetics toe the line between the Sportster and Yamaha Bolt, but only in a smaller package.

Keeway offers the K-Light 125 in three colors (black, red, and silver) and the combined braking system comes standard on the beginner-friendly bike. The K-Light's MSRP is €2190 ($2,665 USD) and gives us yet another reason to envy the eight-liter market abroad.