Nowadays, the thought of becoming disconnected from the internet and the various people in your multiple social, work, and family circles even for a brief moment can be too much to bear. Although studies indeed suggest it is mentally healthy to disconnect and step back from technology every now and then, for some people this just isn't possible for whatever reason. 

It is with the young professional and techie modern day citizen in mind that Yamaha has designed and rolled out a mobile application in the Asian market dubbed Y-Connect. Optimized for both Android and iOS, the new app is compatible with Yamaha motorbikes fitted with the Y-Connect feature. It enables riders to view notifications for calls, messages, and other apps via the bike’s digital instrument panel. Additionally, it acts as a control module for riders to configure the various features of the motorcycle. 

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The Yamaha Y-Connect App also ensures that your busy schedule doesn't allow you to overlook your motorcycle's maintenance. It does this by sending notifications to your phone when your next service schedule is coming up, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never miss an oil change. Yamaha Y-Connect also constantly scans you motorcycle's ECU in order to ensure the its health at all times. If the system detects an error or malfunction, it will shoot a notification to your phone, along with a recommended solution to solve the problem.

For those of you who enjoy adding a dash of competition into your daily commute, Yamaha has integrated a social aspect into the Y-Connect app. No, Yamaha hasn't lost its mind and begun condoning street racing by setting leaderboards for fastest commute times. Instead, it shows rankings for riders based on eco-riding and fuel efficiency. Just like Strava and Zwift, Yamaha Y-Connect features a global leaderboard for riders all across the globe to compete against each other, not in a race for speed, but rather a race for efficiency. Pretty cool, right?

As of this moment, the Yamaha Y-Connect feature is compatible with bikes like the Aerox and the FZ25. It's also expected to roll out in future iterations of the Yamaha NMAX, MT-15, and even the YZF-R15 sportbike. There still isn't any word as to whether or not Yamaha will include compatibility to this nifty new app to their heavy hitters like the Tracer 900 or MT-07

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