Among the multiple strong contenders in India's extremely lucrative motorcycle Industry, a world giant continues to make its presence felt in the midst of the market's largest competitors. With the likes of Bajaj and Hero MotoCorp leading the charge in what is quite possibly the biggest motorcycle market in the world, this would leave little room for other manufacturers to assert their dominance, right? Honda seems to disagree. 

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has taken their world-class engineering and build quality into the Indian market, with both big and small bikes selling like hotcakes over the past years. In fact, in January of this year alone, the Japanese manufacturer recorded a massive sales figure of 416,000 units in India alone.

This translates to an impressive 11.3 percent increase in sales versus the same period of 2020—take note, the global pandemic had yet to strike in the region in January of last year. 

Honda H'Ness CB350 Right Side

Now, while the domestic sales of Honda's two-wheelers has seen a massive increase, the same cannot be said about the company's exports. As it would appear, the company suffered a significant decline in export numbers, with just 20,647 units flipped overseas as opposed to the 29,292 figure of January last year.

The bottom line, however, paints an overall positive picture for Big Red, in total, the company sold an impressive 437,000 units—both domestic and export—in the Indian market, as opposed to the 403,000 units sold in the same period last year. Translating to a bottom line 8-percent growth figure, pretty impressive all things considered. 

For February, Honda is expected to launch yet another model on the 16th. Rumors suggest that it will likely be a scrambler-based iteration of the massively popular H'Ness CB350 retro-styled machine. This comes in line with all other launches and promotions the company is currently rolling out in the market. 

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