The brand seeks to foster camaraderie in the region.

Unlike other motorcycle manufacturers who focus on performance, utility, and practicality, Royal Enfield as always been about the spirit and essence of motorcycles. Things like art, personality, character, and camaraderie. Rightfully so, as the India-based motorcycle manufacturer has some of the best-looking bikes in the market today.

With the spirit of motorcycling as the center of Royal Enfield's existence, the company is imbibing a strong sense of camaraderie among RE enthusiasts in Europe by launching its first-ever official riders club in the region.

Apart from the camaraderie and sharing the Royal Enfield experience, the riders club will also engage in rides for a cause, exclusive events, and long-distance adventure rides. All this comes in conjunction with Royal Enfields rapid expansion across the region with the company seeking to gain market dominance.

2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan

Just a couple of years ago, RE was present only in India and a few other countries. Today, the company has surpassed a good number of large motorcycle manufacturers and has gained a global presence truly making it a force to be reckoned with in the global sphere.

That said, members of the European Royal Enfield riders club will be entitled to quite a few awesome perks. For starters, members will be granted VIP access to shows and events—of course, when it's finally safe to do so. Additionally, club members will get first dibs on new models and be among the first to see new bike launches. 

So, how do you sign up to be a part of this awesome riders club? Well, if you own a Royal Enfield and currently live in Europe, then your first year of membership has already been accounted for. Additionally, you're entitled to a free gift upon confirming your membership.

To do this, simply log on to the Royal Enfield Riders Club of Europe through the RE homepage. Additionally, if the launch of this club has enticed you to acquire your own Royal Enfield, you can opt to sign up for club membership upon purchase of your new motorcycle. The Royal Enfield Riders Club of Europe is expected to launch on the first of April, 2021. 

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