Why do you like to go to motorcycle shows? It’s probably because you want to see bikes, obviously. However, it’s also a great place to check out new gear you may not have seen before, maybe hang with friends, and so on. If one thing you really enjoy is the chance to see and touch and examine new gear in person, well—a virtual experience can’t totally replicate that, but Givi is trying.  

While the Italian moto luggage and gear creator has long been making detailed videos about new products as they’re released, Givi took its 2021 catalog a step further than, say, a simple PDF. With the likes of EICMA, Intermot, and pretty much every other bike show both small and large disappearing off the calendar, Givi opted to create a virtual display hall for all its 2021 new product lineup. 

They’re calling it “Givi Next to Me,” and it’s essentially a digital showroom filled with all of Givi’s new stuff for 2021. From hard and soft luggage, to backpacks, to helmets, it’s all there for you to peruse at your leisure. A central hub directs you toward your choice of five options: Urban, Touring, Café Racer, Sport, or Adventure. If you’re interested, you can check it out for yourself here. 

From there, you can click around and see videos, as well as examine each new piece of Givi gear that catches your eye up close. Some pieces of gear are available in 3D models, so you can use your mouse to rotate them in every direction to see what they look like from all angles. Be aware that not all pieces in the catalog include this feature, though. 

If you’re looking at a new item and you click the link to view more info, it’ll take you to that item’s main catalog page on the Givi website. From there, you may be able to see even more detailed product videos that take you inside whatever piece of gear you’re currently interested in examining further.  

Be aware that the Givi Digital Showroom has a tendency to rotate a bit on its own, slowly panning your view around the virtual space as it drifts counterclockwise. It’s a little disconcerting at first, but the longer you look, the more you get used to it. In times like these, Givi sought to do something to set itself apart. Has it succeeded? What do you think? 

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