Stay connected to safety wherever you ride.

The 2021 Consumer Electronics Show may look a little different in presentation, but not necessarily content. Back in 2020, French startup Tali Connected made its first introduction to the motorcycling world with its smart helmet concept. It featured all the things you could want in a smart helmet, mated up with Tali’s proprietary app, and even offered signal lights on the helmet that sync with your bike’s turn and brake signals. Cool concept, in theory.  

If you’re Tali, how do you top that kind of entrance? By adding a cherry on top of your safety-focused sundae, of course! That’s why, for 2021, Tali Connected introduced the SP-1 Safety Beacon. This smart connected device can naturally hook up with the Tali Connected smart helmet, as you’d expect. It also won a CES 2021 Innovation Award in the “Wearable Technologies” category, so let’s take a look at what it offers. 

The SP-1 Safety Beacon connects directly with the Tali Connected smartphone app, and can also link to your Tali smart helmet, if you have one. It’s not necessary to have both Tali items in order to use either of them, but it’s nice to know that they play nicely with one another if you do want to use both. The small device tucks neatly under your bike’s saddle, and is connected directly to your motorcycle’s battery. According to Tali, the unit contains its own battery that can hold a charge for up to six months, if you end up leaving your bike parked for that long.  

What does it do? A whole bunch of things, apparently. There are fall detection sensors that can contact both emergency services and up to three emergency contacts you set up ahead of time in the app, should you have a crash. It records trip statistics, and you can share certain details with your friends if you want. There’s also a connected alarm that can either alert you in the app if your bike moves unexpectedly, or also emit a 100 dB siren if you turn that setting on. On the more mundane (but still important) side, you can set notifications to stay on top of routine motorcycle maintenance with your SP-1, too.  

If all that sounds good to you, Tali Connected says it plans to launch the unit at an estimated retail price of $299. It’s planning to use a crowdfunding campaign on a yet-to-be-specified platform to officially bring both the SP-1 Safety Beacon and that Smart Helmet off the drawing board and out to the market.