The undisputed king of the underbones is ready to take on 2021.

While we are on the topic of underbones, it's pretty interesting to note that in Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines, underbones are popular not just for commuting and business-related activities, but for racing as well. There's a rich racing scene, both legal and otherwise, concerning underbone motorcycles, and many of these racing leagues culminate in racers advancing to top spec race bikes. 

That being said, the aftermarket modification scene of underbones is an extremely lucrative market, and manufacturers pride themselves in rolling out capable machines which have the ability to be modified to suit individual riders' preferences. For nearly a decade now, the Suzuki Raider R150 has been the undisputed king of underbones in the Philippine market. If you've ever been to the Philippines, one step outside onto the busy and bustling metro will paint a strong image of just how popular the Suzuki Raider is. You literally cannot go thirty seconds without spotting one on the street.

2021 Suzuki Raider Launch Event

Suffice it to say that this bike is the perfect blank canvas for motorcycle enthusiasts. Need a daily commuter to ride to and from work while saving loads of money on gas and maintenance? Easy, leave it stock. Want a fun little ripper to take to the mountains on weekends, but still be practical enough to ride on the daily? Sure, fit a power commander and a custom exhaust and call it a day. Want to get started in grassroots racing? Well, several notable aftermarket manufacturers have a plethora of racing accessories designed specifically for the Raider R150. 

Given how well loved the Raider R150 is in the Philippine market, chances are this little underbone isn't going away anytime soon. Sure enough, as Suzuki Motors Philippines has updated the Raider R150 for the 2021 model year. Both iterations, Fuel Injected and Carbureted, get new liveries. Apart from this, the bikes remain essentially unchanged. For starters, the carb version comes in three new colors blue and gray with matching blue wheels, red and black with red wheels, and a blue and orange livery featuring black rims. Likewise, the FI variant gets red and black, black with red accents, blue and red, and black and white color options.