Even if all of 2020 felt like one extremely long winter to you, some hopeful signs of spring are all around. At first glance, the likes of MotoGP posting its 2021 race calendar may seem a little, shall we say, optimistic. However, as I write this in November, 2020, the sun is shining in Chicago. Even better, some U.K. residents received the first-ever COVID vaccinations in the western hemisphere yesterday, with other people and countries soon to follow. Things are looking up! 

American motorcycle racing fans have another reason to be excited as well. Ozarks International Raceway is currently under construction in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. It’s scheduled to open in late summer 2021, and will include an asphalt-paved track, a dirt tri-oval, and a truck off-road track. It’s also going to have trail and rally courses on the premises, as well. 

PF Racing is the company behind the transformation, and it took a bunch of old turkey barns that were on the land and renovated them into a 58-bay car garage complex. Reducing, reusing, and recycling like that seems like a great idea, doesn’t it? All kinds of local companies have been hard at work building out this complex, from local quarries, pavers, and concrete construction firms.  

Ozarks International Raceway Overhead View
Ozarks Track Map

The main asphalt track is 3.87 miles long, and allows five different configurations with a total of 19 different turns available. Currently, this track is planned for use in both car and motorcycle racing, and drifting events are also under consideration according to local publication Lake Expo. It’s also about eight hours from me, which is a totally reasonable ride or drive. 

Now, there’s no telling what will actually happen come late summer 2021. PF Racing is primarily involved in various types of car racing, and we have no idea what kinds of motorcycle events may eventually find a home on its grounds. As someone who’s regularly made trips up to Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin for years, going up there, walking around the park, having a nice picnic, and also seeing some cool motorcycles (both on and off-track) is always a great time. Here’s hoping the vibe is as relaxed and welcoming at OIR when it opens! 

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