Do any of these two bikes look good in your garage?

The global pandemic, despite being a total pain in the ass and a huge detriment to the advancement of the human race in general, has forced us to be as creative as possible when it comes to solving various challenges brought about by the current situation. Being all cooped up at home for several months, and just recently being allowed out, albeit with stringent protocols, has surely resulted in quite a few innovations in the digital world.

Now, augmented reality (AR) isn’t exactly a novel concept in the tech world. Having been around for a little over a decade now, what started out as basic shapes being superimposed in images and videos in real-time, has now transformed into intricate, highly-detailed objects. From wild animals and superheroes, and now motorcycles and cars, AR tech allows us to get up close and personal, without leaving the comfort of our couches. This is exactly what TVS has done with their latest mobile app, TVS ARIVE.

TVS ARIVE Mobile App
Don't tell my mom I put a motorcycle in the living room.

TVS ARIVE allows you to get up close and personal with their motorcycles. At the moment, only the TVS Apache RR 310 and Apache RTR 200 4V are available for augmentation into your reality. With other models likely to be added in succeeding updates. The app goes into pretty good detail as far as the bikes are concerned. The app boasts the ability to give you a 360-degree view, to and bottom, and even a cockpit view of the bike. With this, you can now virtually see these bikes from all angles.

With this mobile app, TVS hopes to garner the interest of potential motorcycle buyers by giving them the convenience to get up close and personal with their motorcycles. The TVS ARIVE mobile app is available for download in India and other Southeast Asian markets for either Android or iOS devices.

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