Though 2020 has been a weird and challenging year for everyone, some have had it rougher than others. Norton is definitely on that list of special cases. Do you remember the Nortongate debacle that put the historical brand on the brink of bankruptcy? Do you remember Indian giant TVS sweeping in to save the day? Though it feels like it all happened three lifetimes ago, it hasn't even been a year since it all went down. 

TVS has since cleaned up and polished the brand’s tarnished image. Now that (almost) everything seems to be in order, New-New-Norton is getting ready to unveil a new selection of bikes and the first one in the pipeline is expected to show up before the end of the year.   

In fact, the company teased the “new” V4RR’s impending arrival. For reference, Old-New-Norton formally introduced the V4RR in 2016. We could also say that it’s the bike that marked the beginning of the end for Norton’s Stuart Garner era as a lot of people paid a lot of money to get their hands on one only to find out that paying $60,000 didn’t guarantee they’d get an actual motorcycle in return.   

What’s new with the “new” V4RR? According to the specs available on New-Norton's website and as far as we can tell, not much. The marque shared a handful of teaser images as well a few key-numbers: 200 horsepower, 130 Nm (which translates to 95.88 lb-ft) of torque, 1,200cc V4, and a seat height of 836mm (32.9 inches) seat height.   

Looking at the limited-edition V4SS already listed on the site, it looks like New-Norton made a few subtle aesthetic changes to the bike but that all the major components, including the contrasting chrome frame, are all the same.   

This debut is likely more symbolical than technical and meant to celebrate a new chapter in Norton’s history rather than the introduction of an entirely new bike. We can get behind that idea—we’re ready for to deliver on all its promises and under TVS’s guidance, we have a feeling it will.   

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