Unless you’re from Springfield or Pripyat, you don’t have eyes in the back of your head. It’s too bad, because that could come in handy for so many things (although brushing your hair would probably need a rethink). It would definitely come in handy while riding, though. A 360-degree system that involves sensors and/or cameras on your bike could be the next best thing.  

Several companies are already working on various collision detection systems for bikes, including Damon, Honda, and Kawasaki. Great technological breakthroughs usually seem to happen when multiple companies are working toward their version of a goal, so it’s encouraging to see, but what if you want such a system on a bike you already have? 

Enter Ride Vision, an AI-based collision detection system for riders that its founders say can easily be installed on any bike or scooter you wish. It consists of two wide-angle cameras that you place on the front and back of your bike. Two customizable light clusters mount to the tops of your mirrors, and the control unit also mounts on the rear of the bike.  

Everything is hard-wired to your bike’s battery, so no worries about having to take another device inside with you to charge. Ride Vision claims the power draw is less than if you were charging your phone, which is always a plus.  


The cameras constantly transmit their footage to the onboard processing unit, which uses an algorithm to monitor and detect traffic threats in real time around you. It then sends appropriate signals to the LEDs on your mirrors—blind spot detection and a whole lot more. It’s like those eyes in the back of your head, but possibly better, because they don’t blink.  

Naturally, there’s a mobile app, which can give you additional alerts, as well as record two-hour continuous loop videos of footage. It also keeps notes of stats you might want to know later, like speed, lean angle, distance traveled, and so on.  

The company has been working on this tech for the past few years, and just raised $7 million in additional venture capital to help it launch its first product in early 2021. Initial launch will see Ride Vision units sold in Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, and the U.K. Other countries should follow at later dates, including Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, and the U.S. Exact dates for any launches have yet to be announced.  

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