Ask a dealer about your new V-Strom in your pajamas.

All of us have had to adapt to a whole lot of changes in how we do things in 2020, simply by necessity. Video calls and telemeetings have become normal for many of us, from school to work to simple doctor visits. Naturally, Suzuki Italy wondered why such a service can’t work to contact your local Suzuki dealer, too.  

That’s why Suzuki Italy just introduced SmartMeet. While a lot of OEMS are already selling bikes online and have previously announced home delivery plans to keep customers supplied with new bikes during the pandemic, this seems like the next logical step in the process.  

SmartMeet uses whatever video communication software a customer wants. Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet are all available options. Italian customers can go to the Suzuki SmartMeet website, choose a dealership, then choose an available half-hour time slot. At the appointed time, your chosen Suzuki dealer will call you up so you can have a face-to-face video chat.  

When you sign up for such an appointment, you’ll also be able to indicate if there are specific topics or areas of interest that you want to address in your call. That’s pretty similar to how most telemedicine setups work, so if you’ve ever done one of those, it should be pretty similar.  

So far, Suzuki seems to only be making use of this system for dealers and customers across Italy. Unfortunately, there’s zero indication that it has any plans to expand this option to other markets at this time. Perhaps that will change in the future, because it makes so much sense.  

It’s definitely something other OEMs may want to consider doing. Even though motorcycle sales seem to be getting better as we all adjust to the ways the world keeps changing, having an added no-contact option like this could potentially bring even more riders into the fold.  

Way before the pandemic started, an option like this might have been nice for people who want to chat about buying a bike, but are just too busy to make it to a dealership to have that conversation in person. The fact that you know you’re only going to be tied up for half an hour at a time—instead of a big, unknown block like you might have in person—is also a bonus.  

We’ll keep you updated if we hear about Suzuki rolling this out elsewhere—or any other OEMs doing something similar. In the meantime, nice work, Suzuki Italy! 

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