Top case, side case, or both.

Are you looking for a new rigid top case or some hard-sided panniers? If so, why not get yourself a case that can do both? You could be in search of the new Kappa K’Vector KVC35, which is a MonoKey case design. 

If you guessed that it holds a 35-liter capacity, you’d be correct. The bottom shell—the bit that holds all your stuff—is made of “fiberglass reinforced technopolymer material,” according to Kappa. That part is black, and comes with your choice of a silver or black powder-coated top cover in a sort of rounded X-shape.  

Speaking of round, the KVC35 features some nicely rounded edges. If you don’t like side or top cases that are full of boxy right angles, these offer a much more streamlined look. Depending on the aesthetic you’re going for with your touring machine, these may fit the bill a bit better. Weight limit for anything you want to stuff into one of these bags is 10 kilograms, or 22 pounds. 

Price varies depending on which color you choose, with the aluminum-colored cover going for 189 Euros (or $222) and the black cover going for 194 Euros (or $228). If you purchase a pair of these, you’ll get a third cylinder supplied with matching keys for the cases, so you can change all your locking luggage over to fit a single key.  

Kappa K'Vector KVC35 Top

Kappa also makes an internal soft bag that fits neatly inside a KVC35 case. It’s called the TK756, and will run you an additional 46.5 Euros, or about $55. Rather unhelpfully, the Kappa website doesn’t specify how the pockets in this bag are configured, whether it’s waterproof, or indeed any other helpful information other than that it’ll fit neatly inside those cases. You may already have one or more soft bags in your possession that’ll do the job just as well, and save you $60.  

In any case, there are Kappa distributors in many countries all over the world, so finding these cases for yourself shouldn’t be too difficult if you want one (or more).  

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