How Does A Harley Converted To A Tilting Trike Ride?

Not like a Niken, apparently.

The guys at SRK Cycles/Bikes and Beards aren’t afraid of the unconventional. From using honey as a lubricant to supercharging a Harley with a leaf blowerthe YouTubers frequently cooks up the wackiest two-wheeled experiments. Having said that, their latest test involves a three-wheeled Harley with a Tilting Motor Works conversion kit. 

As boomers age out of motorcyclingthey’re typically left with two choices: opt for lighter machines or take to trikes. While those with balance issues gravitate to the extra stability of three wheels, most factory trike options don’t preserve the same sensations of a motorcycle. For those looking for an alternative, the guys at SRK Cycles think a bike with two wheels at the front a great choice.

What sets Tilting Motor Works’ Trio kit apart from the standard trike is the body language required to turn the rig. Similar to a standard motorcycle, users counter steer into corners. The ability to lean separates the Trio from trikes with two wheels at the rear, where riders maneuver the machine more like a car.  

Of course, the conversion kit only adds to a hefty touring bikes curb weight, but the system ensures that riders won’t have to support those extra poundage at a stop. Unlike the Yamaha Niken, the Trio makes a motorcycle self-standing. Like the Niken, Tilting Motor Works’ kit does provide confidence-inspiring handling due the additional contact patch at the front and robust suspension system. 

The cornering characteristics and ease of use are on display when Sean from SRK Cycles takes the converted Harley Softail out for a spin. He also shows off the trick self-leveling feature that allows riders to keep their feet on the floorboards at all time, including a stop. Though the Trio’s engineering helps with stability and handling, it doesn’t do any favors for the 0-60 mph time, as Sean pushes over six seconds on a highway onramp.  

If you’re looking for a trike conversion, Tilting Motor Works also offers kits for the Indian Chieftain and RoadmasterHonda’s Gold Wing, and Harley Touring models. Most kits suit the specific style of each brand and doesn’t alter the motorcycle’s frame, avoiding a DMV inspection post-installation. Whether you want more stability or trying to lean into corners, SRK Cycles video proves it’s still possible with a Trio kit. 

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