It's no secret that Ewan McGregor is a fan of life on two wheels. So much so, that he made two travel documentaries wherein he and his buddy Charley Borman travel the world on motorcycles. In their first outing, Long Way Round, the pair traveled through Europe and Asia on a pair of rugged BMW R1150GS, flew to Alaska, then continued on to New York. In the sequel, Long Way Down, they rode BMW R1200GS Adventures from Scotland to Capetown, South Africa. In 2019, the boys took a third trip from Patagonia in Argentina to California on Harley-Davidson LiveWires for their upcoming series Long Way Up. 

Like any self-respecting motorcycle enthusiast with means, McGregor has a veritable fleet of bikes. He's a big Moto Guzzi fan. In fact, they’ve hired him several times for their ad campaigns. After each one, they present him with a bike. Of course, he’s bought his share of them too. He’s also a big fan of BMW, especially after they came through for him after KTM shut him down. 

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