A truly modern take on a classic.

We’re living in a time of great motorcycles. Most motorcycles offered on the market today are at least pretty good. Even if every single one doesn’t personally suit your tastes and there are small changes you’d make, stock power and handling are mostly pretty good. That wasn’t always the case. However, that’s how interesting amalgamations like the original Tritons happened in the first place. 

Stuffing an old-school Triumph Bonneville engine inside a Norton featherbed frame—hence the portmanteau “Triton” —resulted in the kind of iconic build that’s still respected today. That iconic status makes it fitting, then, that Netherlands-based custom motorcycle builder Icon Motorcycles has translated the Triton philosophy into modern times.

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Rather than sourcing replica Triton bits and pieces from a stream of suppliers, Icon decided doing everything itself was a better way to go. The builder  got its hands on the original designs of the Norton featherbed frame and is hand-building those frames. Additionally, it’s making just about everything else but the engine in-house, as well. 

Of course, no Triton—new or old—would be complete without the “Tri.” Rather than go with a modern Bonneville engine, Icon is instead stuffing the former Thruxton’s air-cooled 900cc twin-cylinder engine  into the 2020 Tritons. What buyers will get is a hand-crafted, made-to-order modern Triton, built according to the model’s classic design philosophy. 

No word yet on pricing or availability, but numbers on these replicas are expected to be very limited, and their pricing is expected to set its own sort of limits. Pipeburn spoke to Icon, which said it expects to start delivering these bikes in July 2020.  If you have any questions or think you see a 2020 Icon Triton in the cards for yourself, you can contact Icon Motorcycles directly via their web form

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Sources: Icon Motorcycles, Pipeburn

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