Up the ramp and go!

The Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 runs from January 10 through 12, 2020, in Chiba, Japan. While the 20th anniversary S2000 is cool, unfortunately you can’t fit a bike inside it. Never fear, though—Honda has a better idea when it comes to bike hauling, especially if you also want a good vehicle to spend a weekend at your favorite facility. 

The Kachatto-Wagon is based on the Honda Stepwgn—and its beauty is its simplicity. Its super-flat floor doesn’t have all the lumps and bumps that some MPVs do. That means no wheel humps or other pesky undercarriage mechanical intrusions interfering with your precious cabin space.

Instead, there’s just a smooth surface and plenty of room to strap down your favorite dirt bike or two. It’s also good for wheelchairs, power chairs, or pretty much anything on wheels that fits, and that you need to transport elsewhere. Wheeled tool chests for your race weekend? Sure. A wheeled outdoor stove to cook deluxe meals at your weekend camp site? Why not, there’s room for so much in here.

Gallery: Honda Kachatto Wagon

It’s not clear how the ramp in one of these photos operates, but since this Honda Access unit is a concept vehicle, perhaps it doesn’t need to be. There’s no indication whatsoever that this will ever be anything other than a concept—but it looks like a nice, user-friendly vehicle that would be perfect for doing an off-road camping weekend somewhere. 

The theme of the Honda Access Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 exhibit is connection—and making a super-accessible, modular vehicle like this seems like an obvious way to further that goal. Multiple generations of family members with different needs can go out together easily. 

Or, you know, you could just stuff a couple of dirt bikes in the back and hit the road with your bestie. This vehicle is clearly the answer to the eternal question, “why not both?” It’s too bad it’s just a concept. 

Sources: Honda Japan, Tokyo Auto Salon

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