This Guy Is Riding To Siberia In January 2020 Because He Can

Honda > Husky as this rider's favorite sled dog.

What are you doing on January 4, 2020? If you’re a rider named Mark, who also calls himself White Wolf when you’re out doing completely bonkers winter motorcycle adventuring, you already have a definite idea. You see, that’s the day Mark is heading from his home in Poland up to Oymyakon, Siberia—a town that is reputedly the coldest on Earth. How’s he doing it? By bike, of course.

Not just any bike would do for this journey, either. Mark will be riding his trusty 1986 Honda XL600 LM, which he’s nicknamed Elza. His trust in this bike has been well earned since he already successfully rode it to Nordkapp (an icy wonderland in northern Norway) in 2018. I mean, after going through that kind of journey together, why would he let it go now? The cold clearly never bothered him, anyway.

After studding his tires himself, the next thing you’d think that Mark would want might be some nice heated gear. However, as he told DriveMag Riders, he’s only going to be riding with heated gloves. Why? The XL600 LM’s electrical system simply can’t take any more than that.

Mark will be starting in Tychy, Poland, where the weather is currently a balmy 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 Celsius) as I write this on December 11, 2019. From there, he’ll ride to Kiev, Ukraine, where’s it’s a slightly warmer 36F (2 C). Then, it’s on to Moscow, Russia (33F/1C); Irkutsk, Russia (14F/-10C); Yakutsk, Russia (-38F/-39C); and finally end up in Oymyakon. 

If all goes according to plan, this journey will take a month—so he’ll be hitting Oymyakon at the beginning of February.  According to Weather Atlas, the average high temp there in February is -31.7F/-35.4C, and the average low temp is -53.1F/-47.3C. This makes Nordkapp seem comparatively balmy—but then, Oymyakon didn’t get its reputation as the coldest place on Earth for nothing.

You can follow Mark’s journey—including all the prep leading up to it—on his Facebook page. He’s currently talking about riding to Alaska in 2022, but it’s unclear how much of a challenge that will be once he returns from Oymyakon. 

Photos: White Wolf on Facebook

Sources: DriveMag Riders, Facebook, YouTube, Weather Atlas

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