Sebastian Vettel has a long list of Formula One racing achievements under his belt. In 2007, he became the youngest point scorer in the sport, earning him the nickname Baby Shumi after legendary F1 racer Michael Schumacher. Vettel continued his ascent in 2008 by achieving pole position at the youngest age and capturing his first Grand Prix win at Monza. Two years later, the wunderkind rose to dominate the sport with four consecutive World Championships. Aside from his four titles, Vettel has 50 Grand Prix victories, 33 fastest laps, and 54 pole positions. 

While Baby Schumi currently drives for the Scuderia Ferrari race team, his personal garage contains an eclectic mix of vehicles. From a vintage Ferrari F40 to a Mini Countryman, the German driver has a car for all occasions. However, speed isn’t exclusive to four wheels and the Ferrari racer’s diverse tastes extend to his motorcycle collection. Despite his connection to Ferrari, Vettel’s stable doesn’t include another red Italian brand. Instead, the four-time Formula One champion prefers bikes from Japan, Austria, and his home country of Germany.

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