The 2020 Suzukis are headed to showrooms in September, 2019. Sabrina already told you the most exciting news about the official return of the Suzuki Katana for 2020. While nothing else on this list is quite as thrilling, there are plenty of new color schemes to consider. 

Here’s what’s gone from the 2020 lineup: No more GSX-S1000FZ, or most of the Boulevard cruiser line, or the GSX-S1000Z, or the TU250X, or the VanVan 200, or the V-Strom 1000 variants, or the Burgman 400 scooter. Most categories saw at least one model dropped from 2019, but the Boulevards definitely seem to have taken the hardest hit. 

With that in mind, here is your much more streamlined 2020 Suzuki street model lineup.

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