Hey buddy, can you spare a bike?

For some reason, motorcycle manufacturers cannot seem to get seats right. You’d think more research and development would go into that since it’s one of the few places, and the biggest, we make continuous contact with our motorcycles, you know?

If you’ve been fighting with an uncomfortable seat, I may have really good news for you! Corbin, one of the largest aftermarket motorcycle seat manufacturers, is offering free seats! How do you get in on it? Read on!

If you have a newish, mostly stock motorcycle and live within riding (or touring) distance of Hollister, California, you can lend your bike to Corbin so that they can use it to create a bike-specific seat. What do you get out of the deal? A free seat. In fact, the first production model of a new line based on your bike! The downside is that Corbin would need to keep your bike for three to four weeks, but hey, free seat!

If you have the time, this is a really good deal. Aftermarket seats are notoriously pricey and Corbin is no exception. Lots of you probably have experience with Corbin seats. Heck, I run one on my Yamaha Super Tenere, and have experienced at least half a dozen on other bikes. The only little problem with this whole free-seat plan, is that you can’t try it out prior to using it to ride home, because a Corbin seat for your bike doesn’t exist yet. These seats can vary widely, comfort-wise, from bike to bike and from butt to butt, so it’s a gamble. 

Check the list of seats on the Corbin website to see if your bike is there.

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