If helmet shopping is on your to-do list, fear not, fam—Arai has unveiled some serious options for you to consider. These range from a couple of lids especially for Suzuki and Honda fans to another premium entry in Arai’s ongoing limited edition Isle of Man TT series, to a range of everyday options that will suit a wide swathe of riders and riding styles. If you’re a new rider and you’re not yet sure what fits you, it’s best to try a bunch of lids on first to find out more about your specific head shape and how best to protect it. However, if you know Arai does your head shape right, read on.

One thing that sets Arai apart from some of its competition is its very direct statements about the head shape of each model. That’s important when you’re trying to find a lid that fits you—and when you find a lid that fits you perfectly instead of just OK, you’ll completely understand. For that reason, I’m going to group these new graphic offerings by shape for easy browsing if you know yours.

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