Harley has a bit of a reputation. The bikes themselves have polarized enthusiasts who either love the rides or love to hate them. So what can be said about the brand and all the swag it generates? Harley-Davidson already makes a pretty little sum with its not inexpensive bikes (if you ignore the dropping sales), but the market for H-D-branded goods is massive and the number of credible and incredible fidgets and gadgets sporting the orange and black badge is a reflexion of that.

Harley fans will go to truly amazing lengths to show their allegiance. Even stuff they’re willing to pay a premium for just to get a branded version of. Think t-shirts, gear, accessories, and that’s without mentioning the staggering, almost inappropriate number of booze-related items. Not sure what’s the message here… So whether you love to hate Harley and its gimmicks or genuinely appreciate all their marketing stunts, here’s a list of the most laughable (or original) H-D branded swag we’ve dug out from the depths of the Interweb.

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