So, it seems I’m not the only one who likes these sassy all-terrain two wheelers. There are countless builders worldwide who have sculpted sensational scramblers out of almost every size and style of bike—old, new, on-road and off, Japanese, German, American, and Italian. Not sure how well they work but one thing is certain, they look amazing.

Making a legit (or legit-looking) scrambler requires certain key changes, all of which depend on your template. Cosmetics aside, what all these builders needed to remember was extra clearance, more durable suspension and wheels, knobby tires, and various adjustments to ensure that the bike isn’t so finicky that it’ll freeze at the first hint of hard work. That said, some of these creations might never see much dirt in their revamped lifestyles, what with being so pretty and all.

Which will be your favourite?

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