In case you haven’t followed the drama back in September, Moto2 racer Romano Fenati made the headlines for grabbing a fellow racer and competitor Stefano Manzi’s brake lever while they were both speeding down the Misano track at over 140 mph. His gesture of toddler-ish frustration ended up costing him dearly, but it looks like he found a saddle to race in for 2019 in Moto3.

As humans, we all have reactions to certain situations we’d like to go back in time and change. I bet you Romano Fenati has been feeling his fair share of regrets. His actions towards Manzi got him international criticism and bashing, as well as a series of disciplinary measures in Moto2, varying from losing his seat with Marinelli Sniper’s team and his shiny new 2019 contract with the MV Agusta team and the revocation of his FIM license for the rest of the 2018 season. Tempers might flare, but his didn’t serve him well and his career in Moto2 ended as quickly as it began.


Despite the whole brake lever debacle and his somewhat childish “I apologize, but he started it” comments to the media, it looks like someone is willing to give the fiery Italian another chance. He will rejoin the Marinelli Snipers Team’s payroll in Moto3 for the 2019 season. Fenati is hoping that in doing so, he will get to press the reset button and get a fresh new start.

Before Fenati confirmed his return to Moto3, the rumor of MV Agusta reconsidering its deal with the hot-headed racer surface, but was quickly put to rest when the team finally signed Dominique Aegerter. After only a year in Moto2, Fenati is stepping down and going back to the series that brought him the success that had allowed him to move up in the ranks. In fact, the racer had a fairly successful run in Moto3 from 2012 to 2017. Maybe a little less pressure and a little more growth is the prescription to cure foolishness.  

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