UPDATE: Kawasaki prepared a two-fold unveil, with the first half of its models unveiled at AIMExpo last month and the other half shown at EICMA. We were in for quite a treat with a little less predictability on the stage.

Kawasaki built some major hype surrounding its presence at the 2018 Las Vegas AIMExpo. A first wave of bikes has officially made its debut, though we were already expecting all of them. 

Sportsbike were the stars of this Vegas show with six models from the green lineup receiving minor to major updates for the 2019 model-year. Among the steroid-filled, aggressive-looking Ninjas, the tiny KX450 dirt bike also made its official global debut. Here’s a look at everything coming in 2019 at Kawasaki's. 


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Watch Kawasaki's 2018 AIMExpo presentation here:

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