Jumping out of a moving car to bust a few moves to the sound of "Kiki, do you love me?" is so 2018. The future is tackling the challenge on a motorcycle.

Not content with jumping out of moving cars to dance, people are now stunting on bikes to the dulcet tones of Aubrey Drake Graham

The catchy Drake song has apparently been named the song of Summer 2018. Admit it, once you hear the "Kiki, do you love me?" chorus, it's hard not to get stuck with it, even when you don't know the rest of the lyrics—like me. I have those five words spinning musical circles in my head. It's maddening, and I'll blame it on editor Jason who assigned me the story. The plague is now spreading to motorcycles and we're impressed. Also a little scared.

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Unless you've been living under a rock, we should all be familiar with the "In my feelings challenge" that's had people, including celebrities, jumping out of rolling cars to bust a few moves to the sound of Drake. It didn't go well for some of the challengers, notably one whose face infamously met with a Volvo's front bumper. People are idiots and the challenge doesn't come with a warning sticker, so there's bound to be a few bruises and cuts.

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I'm surprised at how long it took for the In my feelings trend to trickle from four-wheel to two-wheel challenges, but in case you were wondering—it's here. There are two variants of the challenges. Some guys pretty much copy-pasted the moves of the car edition by stepping off their bikes and getting their groove on (while also most likely getting some outside help to keep the rides standing).

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Other riders have taken it to another level. I mean, granted these guys have style, but that's a face plant waiting to happen.

Bottom line, we're never safe from dumb fads, no matter how cool riding is.

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