The small company received a massive investment to make its dream of a sustainable future a reality.

Ultraviolette Automotive is an Indian startup with ambitions that reach far beyond the simple electric motorcycle. The young team dreams of clean and sustainable urban mobility, the kind of dream mainly bigger manufacturers have tackled so far. There's no need to be modest or limit your vision when it comes to making the world a better place, but for now the company is starting "small" and aims to introduce a new electric motorcycle to the market by 2019.

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The startup has received some serious financial support so far, including that of India's TVS Motor company. The giant bought a 14.23% stake and injected close to $1M in the new company working out of Bangalore, India. Aside from an admittedly cool-looking design, we know very little about the upcoming model. The look is reminiscent of a racing motorcycle with a full fairing encasing all the usually exposed components. Even what we guess to be a form of belt drive is closed off. It makes for a very sleek and minimalist silhouette.

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The nameless model should be able to measure up to standard gasoline-powered 200-250cc bikes and even outperform them. Though no specs are available yet, Ultraviolette expects to launch the model by the end of 2019. It is expected to feature onboard diagnostics, display preventive maintenance warnings, wireless updates, and allow the rider to customize the bike's on-road behavior.

This new model will only be the beginning. Ultraviolette Founder and CEO Narayan Subramaniam told Times of India that they are looking to ramp up the development of high-end electric powertrains as well as connected technologies.

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To make sure their new and future models benefit from an accessible charging network, the company is also working on developing infrastructures. While most of the motorcycle will be built by Ultraviolette, the startup is looking into raw material suppliers to get its show on the road.

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