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MotoCzysz E1pc electric superbike uses iPhone for dashboard
No word on exactly how it's integrated into the bike or if it just uses the iPhone's native accelerometer, but the iPhone can already track location and speed via GPS and can even measure performance metrics like lateral G, top speed and acceleration through various apps.

The E1pc can accelerate to 120mph in just "seven or eight seconds" according to Michael Czysz, the company's founder. That's as fast as the 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Unlike the Mission One or Brammo Enertia TTR, the E1pc uses a total of 10 battery packs and three motors, as well as chassis and suspension know-how borrowed from MotoCzysz's aborted MotoGP effort. It could very well be the fastest electric motorcycle ever made, even topping the Mission One's 150mph top speed.

The TTXGP is the world's first zero emissions road race. Taking place on the famed Isle of Man Mountain Course next Friday's, it's bringing zero emissions competitors from all over the world.

Czysz explains why it's so exciting, "June 12, 2009, on the Isle of Man, will be the worlds first zero emissions (electric) Grand Prix, the TTXGP. With teams from around the world ascending on the Isle, this is a true international competition and even though the machines are futuristic the race is not and the premise even less so- this is an old fashion 'run what you brung' race. Never would my Grand Father or even my Father imagined such a motorcycle would ever exist, even I would have doubted this event possible in 2009 only a few years ago."


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