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Mat Mladin is lashing out against the organizers of AMA American Superbike, tweeting, "AMA/DMG have broken so many of their own rules this wknd. The Buell is just 1 in a long list. Yamahas own rules also. Hitler wld b proud." Mladin's referring to the Buell 1125RR, a purpose-built racer in a class supposedly dedicated to production street bikes.
The six-time American Superbike Champion went on to tell Superbike Planet, "I don't care if the Buell wins or comes 20th and is never competitive. The bottom line is, it shouldn't be legal for the class...I guess as long as people are paying the right amount of money or whatever, I guess you're allowed in."

Mladin and his 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 are currently first in the series. Earlier this season the Rockstar/Makita team addressed allegations of cheating by purchasing a GSX-R1000 from a showroom, winning races on it, then selling it to a member of the public.

Many racers, teams and fans, including us, are extremely frustrated that American Superbike runs separate rules from SBK. Intended to make the series accessible to privateers, the rules instead make top-level American racing the poor redneck cousin of its international counterparts.

via Twitter and Superbike Planet

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