Alpinestars 365 Gore Tex suit made from leather, yet 100% waterproof
It's not just the laminate that makes this material special. The leather itself is treated to improve its performance in a wide range of weather conditions. To make it more suitable for hot weather, a special dye is added to the leather to make it capable of reflecting up to 30 percent of the sun's energy. The suit is also breathable, allowing a rider's body heat and moisture to escape. For wet weather, the leather is treated with chemicals to make it water repellent. This means it will soak up less than 10 percent of its weight in water and dry faster when the sun comes back out. Despite the perforation, it retains its waterproofness.

Like the Dainese Verbier Pelle jacket, this technology doesn't come cheap. The jacket retails for $12,995 $1,299.50, while the Alpinestars 365 Gore Tex Pants are $1,199. Being able to wear the same suit year-round in all weather conditions should help offset the sticker shock.

Both items feature stretch panels for comfort and are cut for riding on the road on sportsbikes and similar. That means they're naturally crouched, but not as extreme as a one-piece race suit.

The jacket and pants zip together and use CE armor in the knees, hips, shoulders and elbows. There's pockets for bother a chest and back protector and removable quilted liners.


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